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A Change in Brunch Plans
Trav directs Mik Kuhlman, Hillary Chaplain, Deborah Kaufman and
Audrey Crabtree in his 2013 silent comedy short A Change in Brunch Plans

Trav majored in Film and Television production at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Since the 1980s he has been making his own silent film comedies, the most recent of which, Too Much Nutcracker (2013) features himself, Audrey Crabtree, Glen Heroy, Jennifer Harder and Jason Nunez.


As an actor look for him in the upcoming horror film The Moose Head Over the Mantel, produced by Inappropriate Films.

The Moose Head Over the Mantel
Catrin Lloyd-Ballard, Victoria Miller and Trav S.D. in The Moose Head Over The Mantel



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